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Only a handful of thirteen star flags in this quirky and interesting pattern are known to survive. One surviving example of this type with three scattered stars in the center of a ten star wreath has the name "C. C. Fuller, Worcester, Mass." stenciled on the hoist. The Fuller Regalia & Costume Company operated with shops in Worcester and Boston, and sold flags, banners, sashes, and custom jewelry for political, social and fraternal organizations. Fuller flags, such as this example, are immediately recognizable, despite being incredibly scarce. I'm aware of just a handful, likely fewer than twenty known examples of all types and ages, of thirteen star flags with a wreath of ten stars surrounding three center stars. The Fuller flags are made with zig-zag stitching and their construction techniques and materials are indicative of an 1895-1925 date range for their construction. This flag is made of wool bunting with cotton stars, and is an unusually small size for a pieced-and-sewn flag at just 18" tall and 24" wide. The red dye of the stripes was not quite dye-set, and there's a slight hint of bleeding in the color, indicating that the flag was likely flown outdoors and exposed to rain at some point in its history. Overall, the coloration of the flag is beautiful and the pattern is extremely eye catching. It is a rare example of a thirteen star flag from the turn of the 20th century, and a fine example of the C. C. Fuller type.

See a gallery of rare 13 Star flags. Star Count: 13

Date: 1895-1925

Era: Early 20th Century

Statehood: Original 13 Colonies

Construction: Wool, Cotton Stars, Machine Stitched

Catalog Number: IAS-00527


13 Stars, Crystal Palace
American Fete, London 1887

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