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This site is devoted to providing information about one of the most fascinating and growing areas of collecting: historic American flags.  Many people are both surprised and amazed when they discover that the American flag that they've known for most of their lives has such a varied and storied past.  The American flag is a treasured icon, woven through our nation's history.  Our national flag, in its many forms, has been present during all of our nation's wars, national triumphs, national tragedies, and in our every day lives.  Flags have been manufactured in factories and sewn in our homes.  The number of stars has changed as the nation grew from the original 13 states to our modern union of 50 and the number of designs and patterns found on flags over our nation's 235 year history are almost limitless.

Rare Flags is a place to explore and to learn, and an opportunity for me to share with you a portion of my collection and all of my passion for the American Flag.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to the site and that you check back occasionally to see new and interesting articles, information and photographs of rare American flags.  I welcome you to leave comments in the Rare Flags guest book and if you have questions, please contact me anytime.

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