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This flag is another example of a great and unexpected pattern for a thirteen star flag.  Collecting thirteen star flags can be an area of flag collecting unto itself.  They were produced throughout our history and there are dozens of unusual and sometimes unique variations of thirteen stars.  This is one of just three or four that I'm aware of that consist of a circle of 10 stars surrounding a triangular core of three stars. I'm not certain of the the underlying meaning of the pattern, but at least one example of the type was gifted to the Masonic Lake Worth Scottish Rite Foundation.  It's very possible that the three stars are represent the Masonic compass, and that these flags were made for use by Masonic lodges. This is a particularly early example, likely dating to the period of the Civil War based on characteristics of its construction.  The flag is entirely hand sewn. Like other flags of the Civil War era, the stars of the flag rotate freely on their axis, a very folky and attractive feature for an antique American flag. The canton of the flag consists of two pieces of wool bunting with double-appliqué cotton stars.  The name G C Buck is written in period 19th century ink on the hoist of the flag.  The hoist is a a sleeve, but interestingly, the rope used to fly the flag is stitched to the outside of the hoist, rather than running through the sleeve.  The condition of the flag is exceptional.  Its size, at 50 inches x 90 inches, may seem large, but 7-1/2 feet is relatively small for 19th century flags, which often measured 12 feet or more.  Although the specific history of this flag is not known, the flag surfaced in New England, and the name Buck along the hoist, and the possible connection to Masonic tradition, means that it may be possible to identify the original owner of the flag.  The flag is an extraordinary example of a very rare star pattern, and holds a special place within the gallery of thirteen star flags in the Rare Flags collection.

Learn more about the patterns of 13 star flags. Star Count:  13 Stars

Dates:  Circa 1865

War Era:  Civil War Era

Statehood:  Original 13 Colonies

Construction:  Wool Bunting with Cotton Stars

Catalog Number:  IAS-00307


President's Flag
US Navy No. 6, 1941-1945

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