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Rarely will you find a more random and visually stimulating canton on a sewn American Flag than is found on this 45 Star homemade flag. The seemingly random pattern of stars, with their axes rotated haphazardly along every orientation, masks indications of the actual underlying spiral pattern which is exceptional and unusual. The extremely irregular spacing of the stars produces pleasing densities and voids which add to the visual impact of the flag. Virtually no starting point leads to a discernable overall pattern, making it difficult to even count the stars in the flag without losing your place. Various short arcs and whirls emerge throughout the field, yet only after locating the key star in the flag does the sweeping arc of a full spiral pattern fall elegantly into place.

The flag is all cotton and machine stitched on a home sewing machine. The canton is pieced from two pieces of fabric. The sleeve hoist is wide and original to the flag. The stars of the flag are double-appliqué, thus the maker took great care in aligning and stitching a total of 90 stars, 45 per side, producing the same unique pattern on each side of the flag. The stars are not folded under, though they were carefully aligned front and back. The edges of some of the stars have developed a slightly shaggy appearance over time, resulting in a less polished, yet folky and appealing look. Furthermore, in a charming display of frugality, no less than a dozen stars are pieced together from two, and in some cases, three separate pieces of fabric, with the maker carefully aligning and stitching the parts to produce a single star. There is some minor tearing and some mothing, as well as some wind damage on the fly end, yet overall this beautiful flag is in excellent condition, especially considering that is 100 years old.

Learn more about classifications of star patterns. Star Count:  45

Dates:  1896-1908

War Era:  Spanish American War

Statehood:  Utah

Construction:  Cotton, Machine Sewn, Homemade

Catalog Number:  IAS-00003


35 Star Homemade
Civil War Era

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