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Patriotic textiles are an important sub-field of Americana.  Rare textiles depicting Americans as far back as Washington and Franklin but do exist.  By the 1840s, campaign textiles and flags in support of various presidential and vice presidential candidates became more prevalent, and the practice continued into the 20th century.  This is most patriotically graphic of all of the textiles produced for the 1900 election of President William McKinley and his Vice Presidential, Theodore Roosevelt, Both of these textiles are present on this piece, sewn back-to-back and set along the edges with black, gold and gray fringe.  A dowel passes through a sleeve at the top, and a string (not shown) is affixed to each end so that the textile can be hung like a banner.  The textile is marked by the manufacturer, "American Lithographic Company", of New York City.  Unlike the portrait of McKinley, which shows him looking to the side, the portrait of Roosevelt is one of the most extraordinary of any found on Roosevelt campaign material.  His is young, confident, and is looking directly at the viewer.  The beautiful draped flag border provides depth and sets off the portrait wonderfully.  Very few of these rare patriotic Roosevelt and McKinley textiles exist today.

One of the finest Theodore Roosevelt likenesses on any campaign material of the era, sewn in banner form with the accompanying William McKinley banner on the reverse.   Media:  Printed Fabric

Date:  1900

War:  None

Type:  Lithograph on Fabric

Catalog Number:  IAS-00073

Gen. George Washington
Engraved by Amos Doolittle


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